Alexi is a strategist by trade, performer by passion, and community builder by nature. She has informed strategic direction for brands and nonprofits like Microsoft, Verizon, Unicef, and the Equal Rights Advocates. She has also partnered with leading global agencies to launch innovative business initiatives resulting in stronger, more inclusive workplaces like at IPG through the Women’s Leadership Network and at Havas Worldwide (Havas MELT - Multicultural Employees Learning Together).

Alexi is a certified yoga instructor, hails from Bangkok, Thailand and resides in Brooklyn, New York with her big black poodle.

Her ikigai (reason for waking up in the morning) is to spark activism, artistry, and inspire breakthroughs. She is fascinated by us, how we're different, how we’re the same, and how we can create bridges. 

She looks forward to being an ally for the kismet circle of leaders and the collective vision that will be co-created at The Future of Feminine.